Hello! we are so excited you are here so let us tell you how it works. With your monthly subscription of $11.97 you will gain access to Sew It Men's courses which are delivered monthly to your dashboard. For a list of the current month's course and description, plus upcoming menswear courses read below, but first here are a few things we need to cover.


  • Start with Course #1 and every month after that you will gain access to a brand new course that builds on the last.
  • Cancel your membership at any time!
  • Designed to be taken at YOUR pace.
  • Your monthly membership is automatically deducted so you never miss a course.
  • Courses never expire as long as you are a current paid member.


 Course #1 Intro To Sewing: The Basics Part One
  • Introduction & What to Expect
  • This Is a Sewing Machine: Parts and Functions
  • Setting Up Your Basic Sewing Kit
  • Learning to Sew a Straight Line: Practice Worksheets
  • Threading Your Machine & Winding Your Bobbin
  • Basic Stitches & Terms: Examples, Worksheets and Printable PDF
  • Homework Assignments
  • Course Projects
Course #2 Intro To Sewing: The Basics Part Two
  • Pressing: Why and How
  • Sewing Straight Lines & Curves
  • Sewing & Treating Convex Curves
  • Sewing & Treating Concave Curves
  • How to Sew Half & Quarter Circles
  • Clipping vs. Notches
  • Stay Stitching: What, Why & How
  • Under-Stitching: What, Why & How
  • Top Stitching: What, Why & How
  • Practice Worksheets & Printable PDF's
  • Course Projects
Course #3Working with Knits
  • Identifying Types of Knits
  • Best Practices: What to Use, How to Use It, and Why
  • Seam Finishes and Techniques
  • Tips and Tools Needed
Course #4 Copying Your Favorite T-Shirt
  • Drafting a T-Shirt Pattern
  • Design Modifications
  • Fit Adjustments
  • Creating a Sloper
  • Step-By-Step Sewing
  • Finishes and Homework
Course #5 Basic Tailoring
  • Learn to alter your ready to wear pants and shirt
  • Waist Adjustments
  • Hem Adjustments
  • Leg Tapering
  • Shirt Side Seam Alterations
  • Sleeve Alterations
 Course #6 Basic Zip Up Jacket
  • Using Sloper to Create a Zip Up Raw Edge Denim  Jacket
  • Working with Zippers
  • Drafting
Course #7 Let's Make a Duffle
  • Working with Duffle Pattern
  • Attaching with Zippers
  • Adding Pockets
  • Creating Bag Lining
  • Attaching Hardware
Course #8 Drafting Pattern for Joggers/Shorts
  • Creating Pattern Based on Measurements
  • Choosing Fabrics
  • Testing Pattern & Creating Sample
  • Making Fit Adjustments
  • Adding Casings & Elastics
  • Attaching Eyelets & Drawstring
Course #9 Intro to Working with Commercial Patterns
  • Reading the Envelope
  • Understanding Terms and Symbols
  • Choosing the Right Size
  • How To Cut the Pattern
  • How to Modify the Pattern
Course #10 Classic Button Up Shirt
  • Cutting Pattern
  • Testing Pattern
  • Creating Sample Garment for Fitting
  • Learning Basic Fit Adjustments to Body, Shoulders, Neck, etc.
  • Choosing Fabrics
  • Classic Sewing Techniques
  • Classic Seam Finishes
  • Step-By-Step Sewing Using Classic Techniques
Course #11 The Perfect Slacks
  • Cutting Pattern
  • Testing Pattern
  • Creating Sample Garment for Fitting
  • Learning Basic Fit Adjustments to Length, Waist etc.
  • Choosing Fabrics
  • Classic Seam Finishes
  • Step-By-Step Sewing Using Classic Techniques
  • Design Modifications/Options
Additional courses beyond the first 11 will be posted at a later date but include a blazer course and coat course.

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