Intro to Sewing: Basics Part 1

taught by Mimi Goodwin & Norris Ford

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Course description

This course is your introduction to sewing. We cover everything you need to know about the functions and buttons on your sewing machine, how to set up your basic sewing kit, key terms and phrases, how to sew in a straight line, practice exercises and a lot more.

Mimi Goodwin & Norris Ford
Mimi Goodwin & Norris Ford

Mimi G is a self taught seamstress, designer and editor in chief of the popular DIY sewing blog With over 12 million page views annually and over 6,000 currently enrolled students in Sew It Women she has taught thousands how to sew in an easy to understand and fresh new way. Mimi has created a new way of teaching that allows anyone to learn to sew without over complicating things.

Norris Danta Ford has been a stylist and LA based fashion blogger at since 2014. He has always had a keen sense of detail and a great sense of style but he wanted to do and learn more. Since meeting Mimi G he began learning to sew and began a new journey in creating his own garments but found there was little to no outlets for men so together Norris and Mimi created Sew It Academy Men's Edition.

Course Curriculum

Intro To Course
Sewing Machine: Parts & Functions
How to Thread Sewing Machine
Basic Stitches
Homework & Closing